Research & Education

Brasso Seco is located in an education paradise with endless research and learning possibilities!  We love to host researchers and learners of all ages.  Whether you want to look at birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, plants, rivers or anything in between we have local guides who can take you where you want and help you in your discovery process!  The Brasso Seco Tourism Action Committee (TAC) has also embarked on an agro-tourism project to rehabilitate a 15-acre estate and educate visitors about the process of bringing Cocoa, Coffee and other fruits and vegetables from the trees to their tables.  In 2012 we will start tagging turtles that come to nest on Paria Bay Beach and visitors can be part of this process as well.  There is so much to learn so give us a call and let us arrange something that is just right for you and your group!

Brasso Seco has been the home to several research projects already and the possibility for more research topics is truly endless! Several social research projects have also been done on how villagers use plants and what effects eco-tourism development has on the community.

The Brasso Seco Paria village was established in the early 1900’s as a Cocoa and Coffee plantation and the area still abounds with assorted vegetables and fruit trees.  We specialize in providing visitors with fresh foods made as much from locally grown products as possible.

From Primary school to University, Brasso Seco is a great place to bring students for education, relaxation and bonding.  We are happy to host your group or class and tailor the experience based on the needs and desires of the teachers and students.