The Brasso Seco Paria village was established in the early 1900’s as a Cocoa and Coffee plantation and the area still abounds with assorted vegetables and fruit trees.  We specialize in providing visitors with fresh foods made as much from locally grown products as possible.  Most families have been here for generations and are accustomed to the agricultural lifestyle even as they look to diversify their income sources. 

For those visitors interested in learning more about this way of life you can join us on a tour of our 15-acre estate that the Brasso Seco Tourism Action Committee (TAC) is rehabilitating.  Here you can see, learn about and be part of the process of taking Cocoa and Coffee from the tree to the table.  For cocoa, there is a long process of picking and cracking the pods, sweating and drying the beans, and then roasting and shelling the beans in order to do the final step of grinding it into powder for consumption purposes.  Coffee has a similar process but a little less intense as you only have to pick, dry, shell and then roast and grind.  Depending on the time of year you visit, you can witness and be part of whichever step is happening and no matter when you come you can always learn more about these amazing processes as you walk through the estate and our newly constructed Cocoa and Coffee Houses.

The estate is located next to a lovely river with a wonderful bathing pool.  Depending on your time and desires, the estate tour can be combined with an adventurous river walk or you can simply end your tour with a refreshing dip in this closest pool.  And of course you can purchase our Cocoa and Coffee products before you leave in order to taste the fruits of our labor and keep the memories alive!